Millennium Energy Project

2nd Session of MEDSHILD & REDSHILD at the United Nations, Geneva
20/21 October 2015
Session Room ....... of the United Nations, Geneva

The objective of the session is to discuss with the 32 concerned governments, scientists, engineers, legislators and policy makers of the Mediterranean, Black and Red Sea regions the joint implementation of the MEDSHILD and REDSHILD projects to control the sea level in order to protect the shores from further flood damages affecting agriculture in the deltas, endangering low lying settlements like Venice and tourist beaches. The other benefit of this undertaking is to build road, rail and cable connections to Africa from Europe and Arabia, to generate plenty of clean, renewable energy and create thousands of jobs. See detailed information on

Invited Participants

Bordering ECE, ECA and ESCWA member states, European Commission and other regional organizations, relevant UN bodies (UNDP, UNIDO, IMO, UNEP, FAO, UNISDR, WMO etc.), NGOs (IUCN, ISESCO, ISEO, CMCC, ICCG etc.), dam and ship lock experts.


10.00----Welcome and Introduction Gustav R. Grob, Interim Chairman MEDSHILD-REDSHILD

----Problems at the Mediterranean / Black Sea / Red Sea shores and deltas

-----------Climate & sea level impacts and environmental aspects
-----------Introduction & Chair: Bernard Aubert, CAPNUBAM, France

-----------The increasingly endangered Nile delta
-----------Alaaeldeen Elgafarawi et al, Alexandria, Egypt

----Panel Discussion

----Conclusions and election of MEDSHILD and REDSHILD commission members

----Lunch break

----Solutions to save the deltas, shores, low settlements, fisheries and navigation

-----------Hydropower project-----------Introduction & Chair: EPFL & ANDRITZ, Austria

-----------Wind power project-----------Introduction & Chair: Gustav R Grob, STARWIND, Switzerland

-----------Solar energy project----------Introduction & Chair: Ali Sultan, SwiCETec, Lebanon

-----------Geothermal project-----------Introduction & Chair: Abdolreza Metghalchi, Iran/Geneva

-----------Power and Water Scarcity in Yemen - the Benefits from REDSHILD Energy Resources
-----------Prof. Dr. Hussain Altowaie, Aden University

----Financing Chair: Pierre Cosandier, Geneva, Switzerland

----Conclusions, recommendations and resolutions

followed by working group and commission sessions on 21 October 2015

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