Millennium Energy Project


Summary explaining the Urgency of this Millennium Mega Project

Since decades the idea of bridging the gap between Europe and Africa at the Strait of Gibraltar was pursued with various tunnel, bridge and dam projects. None of them realized that the most urgent problem is not the traffic and power cable connection between the two continents, but rather the threat of the rising ocean level endangering all shores of the Mediterranean, Black and Red Seas. The Nile Delta is acutely endangered to be flooded in the very near future, thus destroying the main food base of Egypt. Similar problems can be seen in Venice, at the Rhone Delta becoming more and more saline and thus endangering the agriculture of the Provence. Beaches, coastal roads and buildings of tourist resorts in Italy, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Near East, along the Maghreb, in the Balkan states and along the Red Sea shores are affected by the constantly rising sea level.

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Schematic view of MEDSHILD / REDSHILD locations

Therefore the MEDSHILD
and REDSHILD projects are top urgent to lower the sea level of the whole region from Gibraltar to Djibouti and the Black Sea and to keep it constant at an internationally agreed level. The benefits are manifold and more than justify the sizeable investment. Besides creating thousands of jobs easing the economic crisis, the combined generation of revenue from clean, renewable energy, sea water desalination and clean sustainable METHASYN production, road and rail traffic fees and tourism makes these projects very profitable for investors and governments.

These sea dam projects will become the most advanced sustainable energy parks of the world, including several GW hydropower, wind power, solar energy, marine power and deep geothermal cogeneration
GEOCOGEN. The excavation from the GEOCOGEN plants supply a good part of the dam construction material. With the abundant clean energy large desalination plants will produce sweet water to regenerate also the deserts and the resulting brine are producing lots of chemical elements. Clean METHASYN fuel will be synthesized from the generated electricity to substitute the dwindling fossil fuel resources.